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The frame took a long time to do.We stripped it down and shot - blasted it . This was where the fun starts ! We grinded down every weld on the frame an re-welded it over again. This process was carried out a number of times on each weld , each time buffing it down and building it up with weld .

Finally we filled in any small holes with hightemp. filler and sanded the whole thing down .

It was given a coat of etch-primer and lightly sanded again .

We chose Gunmetal anthracite metallic Grey powder and baked it until hard. While still warm we coated the frame and A-arms in a heavy coat of powder lacquer containing silver  and purple metallic flecks.

This gives a  lovely effect - especially in bright sunlight.

We were well pleased how the frame turned out , the colour matches any colour of tanks and guards , and the welds are seamless .  


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