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Powder Coating

Powdercoating is more popular now than ever. It is in evidence at custom bike shows more and more each year.

With the correct preparation (blasting, cleaning, priming etc.), powdercoating produces a beautiful factory look finish, with a thick and even coat, that is eyecatching, strong, and durable. Zed1 Powdercoating carry a wide range of colours and finishes, and have coated all sizes of jobs; from a single hinge, to hundreds of wheels at one time. Zed1 use a conveyor system for smaller parts. Each part is hung seperately and can be prepared and coated in a long line - thousands at a time if required!

For larger jobs John and Andrew have a 6m x 4m x 2m oven. This oven has been used to coat all manner of large objects including roll cages, trike/bike frames, kart frames, and even vintage ploughs. Everything is fully prepared, coated, checked, and carefully wrapped before it leaves the workshop. The boys specilise in one-off   and show powders and use a range of high and low temperature powders, with a huge selection of finishes and colours, which are ideal for any job. Powdercoating leaves a beautiful finish and can bring life to old parts and is also much less expensive than you might think.

So, whether you are considering a large industrial job, or a single part - give Zed1 Powdercoating a call!

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